Efficient Warehouse Management 2020

Imetron GmbH, the industrial mechatronics company, and Dortmund University of applied science (Fachhochschule Dortmund) are developing a new category of intelligent omnidirectional automated guided vehicles (AGV).

Today, AGVs already automatically transport loads in warehouses, distribution centres and in production halls. The new AGV power class means two important milestones:

1. Instead of a conventional standard chassis, we install the omnidirectional Mecanum chassis. Due to higher mobility, you realize your advantages in confined corridors of distribution centres and production halls.

2. Intelligent localizing processes avoid collisions and improve navigation, especially in cramped surroundings, without the otherwise usual tracks.


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Seit Dezember 2014 vermarkten wir unsere Mecanum-Räder als Systembaukasten unter dem Namen DONKEYmotion.
Umfangreiche Informationen über den kompletten Baukasten und die Anwendungsmöglichkeiten finden Sie auf unserer neuen Webseite:

Mecanum-Räder im www.donkey-motion.de Baukasten.