Mecanum chassis for automated guided vehicles

Mecanum chassis for automated guided vehicles

Imetron, the industrial mechatronics company, located in Umkirch near Freiburg in Breisgau (Germany) manufactures the Mecanum chassis for automated guided vehicles

Can you imagine wheels which not only roll straight ahead, but also run sideways and diagonally?

Such Mecanum wheels are used in automated guided vehicles. They make transportation systems more efficient and flexible.  Imetron, the industrial mechatronics company, manufactures such highly mobile omnidirectional Mecanum wheels and complete automated guided vehicles for factory logistics. Can you imagine the decisive advantage of omnidirectional automated guided vehicles?

You need less space to move your vehicle.

Can you imagine the potential reduction in workload and all the other advantages this new class of omnidirectional automated guided vehicles can bring?

The new transportation system: small areas become large!

In fact, due to the high mobility of the new Mechanum chassis, confined spaces can be used more effectively than before. Automated guided vehicles until now, e.g. pallet trucks or conventional transport equipment require extra marshalling areas.

But not Mecanum!

With Mecanum, loads will be safely, comfortably and precisely transported on confined areas and in small warehouses, too. That means a double advantage for you: heavy goods, too, become mobile at once and will be safely transported as if on air bags or even a helicopter in any direction. No more cumbersome maneuvring! No more risk of collision or damage because of maneuvring! An addition of various extra equipment and assembly fixtures is possible at any time. This transportation system is extremely flexible and can be adapted to individual customer needs. You can implement a number of various special assemblies.

Seit Dezember 2014 vermarkten wir unsere Mecanum-Räder als Systembaukasten unter dem Namen DONKEYmotion.
Umfangreiche Informationen über den kompletten Baukasten und die Anwendungsmöglichkeiten finden Sie auf unserer neuen Webseite:

Mecanum-Räder im Baukasten.